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As of August 2014


Dear Rob

Just a quick email to say a big thank you for treating me this morning and to say how much I appreciate that you have restored my confidence in visiting the dentist.

I actually laughed all of the way home as I was so pleased with my pain free experience.

"I never knew dentistry could be like this - wish I'd met you years ago"


Dear Rob

Just wanted to say thank you for making Tuesday a stress free experience. The only stress was in the waiting room and my mum did have to hold on to me to stop me running out the door!!! I have only remember the start and standing up at the end which is good for me (oh and biting a couple of times which hopefully was under instruction!!). I will be back for the second round.....

Thank you again for being kind, caring and as I say making it an almost pleasant experience.


Dear Dr. Endicott
I just want to thank you for your patience and for saving my tooth.  I am happy to tell you, after a couple days the tooth never hurt again.
Thank you so much

Hi Rob,

Just to say I'm so happy with new bridge; to think I wasted/worried all that time for nothing - I should know by now you're not anything like many previous dentists I've encountered over the years....that's a compliment by the way!!

Mrs L from Polegate


Just wanted to email you to say thankyou for today. I must admit it was a very close call to whether i was going to stay in the waiting room i did nearly leave! I was not convinced about the sedation and not being able to feel anything or remember very little.... BUT i cannot believe that
1. i stayed and went through with my treatment but
2. i actually can't remember much of what you did and didn't feel anything!!!
Thankyou so much and will be back on the 15th November, i can't promise i won't be nervous still, but you being so friendly,kind and not making me feel guilty about my teeth is making the appointments a little easier.
Mrs MW Brighton


I have to say I am simply stunned at how pain free my treatment was.

Apologies for the 'needle trauma' though I was soon in a land far far away. I don't know if I dreamed half the stuff I thought I was saying, or actually said it. I think I complained that something hurt, rest assured it was a lie because I didn't feel a thing.

Mr SC Brighton


Dear Rob

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for yesterday; I still can't believe how easy and unstressful it was!  I've never had such a good experience at the dentist before; the after-effects were so minimal - just a bit of tiredness, again unlike previous occasions when I actually felt quite depressed for a while.  Thank you also for a total lack of bruising/discomfort where the needle went in - again a first!

Mrs P from Brighton


I actually enjoyed that local anaesthetic! Never thought I'd say that.

Mrs S from Worthing


Dear Rob

Thank you once again, I feel lucky to have found such a human dentist!

Mrs L from Brighton


Dear Rob

Thanks for today, it was nowhere near as bad as I expected! Ill book the next visit for next month.

Mr G from Brighton


Hi Rob,

I hope all is well...  many thanks for the good job pulling that tooth. It
had been a pain for years and thanks to my Dental Sedation I recall little of the operation!

Mr L from Hastings


Dear Rob,

Thank you for making me feel so at ease today. I am sending my husband to you now!

Mrs B from Brighton


Dear Dr Rob

I would just like to send my thanks through an email.

It was very difficult for me to come today, the thought of any dental work has previously been out of the question for me due to a fear of the dentist.

However you were very welcoming and understanding of my situation and for that i am very grateful.

Mrs N from Brighton


Hello Rob

I hope you were happy with how things went on Friday? I don't remember very much, which is a good thing!

Everything has been fine, apart from a bit of sensitivity, and I'm keen to organise my next visit hopefully before I go away? I can't believe I'm so keen!!

Mrs R from Brighton


My dental sedation was fantastic , i felt great with no pain whatsoever and would recommend it to anyone who is nervous about having dental work. I have been petrified about visiting the dentist for nearly 20 years then i met Rob! He has totally restored my confidence in having dental work carried out and i have complete 100% faith in him and he is a godsend to the dentistry profession. The whole team at Quayside dental practice are amazing and would like to thank you all for your hard friendly help you provide to myself. You guys are the best.

Mr R. Batty from Eastbourne


"Just wanted to say, once again, a huge thank you for yesterday. For making time, for your calming expertise and for your generosity. Above all was just nice to see you. I'm really pleased with the results.
Enjoy Chicago and I'll see you very soon! "

Rob S. from Clapham


I cant believe I went from shaking in the doorway to having 2 hours of dental treatment with dental sedation without noticing anything! it was so easy - thanks so much for your understanding.

Mrs B.T from Brighton


I had partial dentures done by Rob four years ago and bridge work done at the same time. He saved my life! The work, so far, has not gone wrong at all and I am really pleased with my smile. It has given me a lot more confidence generally as a person.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob Endicott to anyone who needed extensive dental works done, and moreover, I cannot think of a better person who deserves this award!

Many thanks and Kind Regards

Mrs Chris M. from Croydon

Just a note to say I am very pleased to hear that rob is being nominated for ‘Young Dentist of the Year’, he has been my dentist for the last 6 years and has always given an exceptional service, I have found him to be very professional but more importantly have a friendly approach to his clients, which automatically relaxes you and makes you feel very comfortable when having any work done.
Pass on my regards

Mr John M from Eastbourne

I felt that I must write to you as Practice Manager of the Quayside Dental Practice, to tell you how pleased I was with my recent dental treatment by Rob.
I was in considerable pain and was very grateful to be seen so quickly. I had a loose bridge and I was very apprehensive, as I was due to read a tape for Wealden Talking news and without treatment this wasn’t going to happen!
Rob greeted me with his usual quiet assurance and soon explained to me what was going to happen. Twenty minutes later all was fixed and I went off to do my reading.
I’m sorry this is by e-mail and not hand written but I’m about to leave on a short holiday and wanted to send this before I left!
Kind Regards

Mrs Josie S. Eastbourne

I apologise for typing this letter, I really wanted to put pen to paper, but due to lack of time it has to be ‘word processor to paper instead’.

We just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for all the kind attention we have received at the practice and that my husband really appreciates all the work that Rob Endicott ha s done for him.

Considering the fact that he had not been to a dentist for years, due to a very bad experience as a young lad, it is amazing how Rob has managed to put it all right for him after such a long time.
< It is great for him to have his smile back, it has really restored his confidence and even though he will always be slightly nervous about any treatment he needs, at least he is now willing to go through with it and I know he will see the remainder of his treatment through to the end. He actually managed to fall asleep during a long appointment recently, so that says it all really.

Again, a big thanks to you all for the nice and courteous service and a lot of credit to Rob for making it all possible, he is truly a dental genius and we would not have got there without him.
Kind Regards

Mrs Pat P. from Eastbourne

I went to see Rob over a year ago as I had had such a bad time with my NHS dentist and they had put a bridge back in that they shouldn’t have as my bones were too soft, they hadn’t filled in a big gap that needed a bridge or plate to keep my teeth aligned, and left me with three broken teeth. He sorted me out with a plate as the teeth couldn’t be re-bridged and also re-did the crowns that were past their sell by date, he placed a bridge in a gap on the bottom side, and I had that gap for 40 odd years!! He was always good at explaining what I needed and why, and checking that it was also what I wanted. I can honestly say that it is always a very pleasant experience visiting quayside, everyone is so very friendly and Rob never makes you feel silly when you are nervous.

I think he well and truly deserves ‘Young Dentist of the Year’, he’s an excellent man! Kindest regards

Mrs Bev A. from Eastbourne

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