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The Miracle of Sedation or Snooze Dentistry


So if you are one of the people that dreads drills, but wants to do away with decay you should start to explore sedation dentistry.  You could be a candidate for conscious sedation if you have...

• Fear of needles
Have had bad experiences in their past with a dentist or in a dental practice
• Have dental phobias Toothaches or Headaches
Missing teeth
• Desire a more attractive smile
Fear the pain of dentistry
• Hate drills or the smell of the dental practice
Irritated with their partials or full mouth dentures
• Have children who fear the dentist
Jaw Problems
• Are in need of a crown or bridge
Old silver fillings that need to be replaced
• Had some SERIOUS cavities and it was affecting your overall health
Experience Low Self-Esteem or Poor Self Confidence
• Bad Breath
Experience Constant Oral Pain
• Trouble eating certain foods
Can’t get numb with anesthesia
• Want to snooze through their dental care using sedation dentistry
Or simply anyone who wants a dentist who will give an anxiety-free and comfortable dentistry experience.

That’s just to name a few.
Many patients have tried different ways to alleviate the fear of going to the dentist with little or no success. They have searched for years, using hypnosis, meditation, and even going to therapy, but never did they think they could go to an practice where Fear, Pain, and Anxiety are a thing of the past.

How It Works

Sedation dentistry allows patients to become drowsy and, in most cases, snooze right through their dental procedures. The actual process involves patients taking a fast acting sedative a few minutes before their procedure. The sedative or analgesic can sometimes be administered in a pill form, while other times it will be administered intravenously. When the medication kicks in the patient usually becomes extremely relaxed and drifts into a snooze-like state. When they become coherent after surgery most patients have no memory of their procedure at all.

Patients who opt for sedation dentistry are usually reminded to have someone around to drive them home after their dental appointments because typically sedatives will take several hours to completely wear off.

Sedation dentistry is not for everyone, but for those who have been avoiding getting their teeth fixed because of fear, paranoia or discomfort this method can be extremely beneficial.

So if you are ready to embrace healthy teeth and gums, relax, with sedation dentistry you will drift away into dreamland and wake up with a sparkling, new smile.


Local Anaesthetic

I like to make sure you dont feel what we are doing.
However, a lot people are scared of Painful Injections. I like to make mine easy. I've developed the EasyJect System

  1. I warm up the anaesthetic solution so its at body temperature
  2. I use very strong anaesthetic to give really deep numbing
  3. I use Bubble Gum Gel to numb the area beforehand, so you dont even feel the prick of the needle
  4. I inject Slowly for more comfort
  5. I use the thinnest needles we can get hold of so they are really comfortable
  6. I rub the gum on the roof of your mouth first so you dont feel the needle going in
  7. I use lightweight, metal free Syringes for ultimate control and accuracy
  8. We do not carry on with treatment if you feel it!

In fact, a recent survey we did showed that 96% of patients found our injections extremely comfortable to completely painless! A common phrase heard is "I've never had one like that before!"



If you want the ultimate in comfort, whether you are slightly nervous, really Phobic, or just having lots of treatment done, we can offer Three Types of Dental Sedation.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas!) for gentle needle free relaxation and control of discomfort

Oral Sedative, a little white pill to take an hour before treatment to make you more relaxed

Intravenous Sedation, the deepest form of sedation we do - very comfortable, we can do a lot of work and you aren’t really aware of whats happening, you can just Snooze as we treat!

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