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The feeling of claustrophobia is extremely common in the dental chair.  There is often quite of lot of stuff going on in the mouth, coupled with having two people leaning over you right inside your personal space.  For some patients, that is too much to bear.  Fortunately we can get round all that!

Intravenous sedation is the ultimate way of relaxing you, you cant get anxious under IV sedation so the claustrophobia disappears. 

When we are making Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, Implants, anything that would normally involve taking sloppy impressions, we scan the teeth with a laser scanner camera using iTero. This produces the most accurately fitting restorations we have ever come across. Its very hard to feel claustrophobic when having a picture taken of your teeth.

We stop when asked! You can hold on to our Emergency Stop button so if you are feeling at all overwhelmed, the buzzer will sound and we will stop immediately. Dont feel guilty about pressing the button, thats what it is there for!

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Dr Robert Michael Endicott BDS (Birm 1997)

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